Our policy

          TM LLC doesn’t hire potentially experienced personnel ex-crewing or ex-HR sphere staff as enhanced training provided to personnel previously long term acting as shipboard Officers are quite competent to recruit, to manage the crew designated for particular offshore or merchant fleet operations. Such abilities and qualification have appeared due to close-skilled ex-participation as simple part of it and much knowledge of shipboard operations focus the HR Division staff into the matter deeply & hardly feeling the choice of candidates for any vacancy appeared. So simple client requirements selection and sharing at the social networking have regenerated into other source of HR operations where pure understanding of vessel type, class & structure allow HR staff to conduct own evaluation of candidates fitness for the vacancies raised. Of course, such evaluation is cross-checked and re-assessed by other parties involved like QSA or Operations Manager what excludes doubtful occurrence or mistaken indemnity. Regarding Chartering, Freight, Brokerage & Ship-management operations – who knows better any Charterer or Contractor or Sub-Contractor requirements, nature, cultural than seafarer who has spent half of life employed to operate within the charterer. So such evidence allows to access, to point out and to evaluate the charterer relations, requirements, trade area seasonal needs and even identify prevailing weather forecast either natural either marketing.