Crewing Services of Principals


Our attempts have begun from recruiting office and our right intents have proved our competence in duration whatever shows our potentiality just for one & first year of operations. Our achievement is development from simple recruiting agency to crew management foundation considering that in some cases exclusive and even single appointed crew source what definitely emphasizes our first success in the industry.  Such entry into industry has allowed us to grow up to the next significant level of the Marine Offshore Oil & Gas business giving us essential faith in our abilities supported by ever-lasting desire for creation and further expansion to the new market horizons, supporting us with braveness to meet extreme challenges of the ever-changing marine offshore industry. Our growth let us continue and to extend exclusive rights in future development of general & appointed foundation that has been raised on best management practices throughout main subjects considering the fact of our marine operations experience.

Demands of new employment agreements bearing seamen financially responsible to comply with agreed hiring duration of at least one year through stated rotation are obvious and imminent. Under same circumstances seafarers are hundred percent sure in future day, fully ensured & covered by National Law, Major Oil & Gas Contractor National regulations and fully socially protected. What makes sense of long-terms employment relations or even best back-to-back rotation at the same marine offshore units what first of all exclude long period of crew familiarization process and for second - provides high standards continuously running shipboard preventive maintenance. Such long term social cover of employment & insurance package liaise due ability to get seafarers and their families sufficiently accommodated and sufficiently feed.

Following crew recruitment services are provided for Principals, but not limited to and may be extended upon Client’s needs:

-          Candidates search & proposal reflecting vacancy obtained requirements;

-          Previous employers references check;

-          Candidates qualification interviewing;

-          Documentation pack submission;

-          Candidates operational test using simulators (Bridge & Engine);

-          Professional medical examination arrangement;

-          Client’s SMS induction for new joiners;

-          Preparation of the seafarers for particular National Oil & Gas Contractor evaluation;

-          Visa arrangement and immigration formalities accompanying;

-          Transportation, hotel arrangement services either external either internal;

-          Crew Management planning and documents validity control.