Training Services

Our main project is to guide junior officers and to focus their right ability to deploy high standards of client requirements in future marine offshore operations. Oil & Gas Offshore Market main lack is DP qualified operators in different marine operations and considering such needs our attempt is to establish correct and accessible pure program based on vessels engaged in DP charter. Best way is to choose pre-joining training allowing our junior officers to get guidance and direction into DP system operational standards as to be aware of main operational standards prior application. Duration of practical familiarization with DP systems by trainees lets obtaining appropriate knowledge of system actual application and practical knowledge in particulars of each specific system, considering technical advantages & limitations too. Valuable experience of training centers program’s creation, management as well as continuous analyzes of possible training program failure reports and visits of foreign ADNOC & PETRONAS approved Training Centers such as GTS, Mutawa Marine & INSTEP have leaded to the creation opportunity in establishment best qualification marine offshore training program within ADMIRAL TC as well as their IMO approved standards simulation equipment. The procedure of close communication between TM LLC divisions and combination of multiply abilities within the Company support to establish DP, Cadet, Specific marine offshore operations training programs. TM LLC aim is to find contracting fleet’s Client where to place such marine trainee staff either DP operators either cadets with further improvement of qualification, potential growth and offering long term employment on board of the Client’s fleet. In order to ensure correct and proper qualified initially staff TM LLC tests, verifies qualification abilities of such staff for designation procedure of shipboard training. Under close cooperation between TM LLC & ADMIRAL TC, following trainings are available for execution:

-          Theoretical marine offshore familiarization training (GTSC approved);

-          Practical marine offshore or/and merchant unit’s handling training (GTSC approved);

-          SMS induction training based on each particular Client’s requirements for deck & engine departments;

-          Major Oil & Gas Contractor’s requirements pre-evaluation training & tests;

-          Cadet’s induction, safe operations training prior employment (GTSC approved); 

-          Qualifying basic seaman-beginners (GTSC approved);

-          Pilotage for bachelor degree holders in navigation (GTSC approved);

-          Maritime search & rescue (GTSC approved);

-          Qualifying of workers in ports (GTSC approved);

-          Tug masters (GTSC approved);

-          Quay supervisor (GTSC approved);

-          Hydro-graphic survey (GTSC approved);

-          Qualifying PSC inspector (GTSC approved).